Retail Security Guards & Store Detectives

Keep Focus Security recognises that stock is valuable to retail businesses. We can provide a site inspection identifying health & safety and security risks in your store.

We can provide trained retail security guards and store detectives to help patrol and monitor security of retail outlets acting as a deterrent and providing security for shoppers.  Our retail security guards can either be dressed in Keep Focus Security uniform or our client’s own security uniform. 

Our Store Detectives can play a role in combating shop-lifting. Dressed as a typical customer, the Store Detective patrols the store monitoring customer activity and identifying shoplifters. 

Both our Retail Security Guards and Store Detectives carry radios and mobile phones, and report to the Control Centre regularly. 

In addition to our manned services, Keep Focus Security provides electronic survey services such as remote surveillance and CCTV and, when used with Retail Security Guards and Store Detectives, delivers an effective security service. 

If you’re looking to protect your people, products or business please call us to see how we can help.